Friarwood Park Persimmon

Is there a regular journey to Friarwood Park where you are unsure on the most appropriate way to travel? Are you aware of your options, and what are the potential benefits of making a change?

If you request a Personal Journey Plan we can review all of your options for you and let you know what might suit.

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In order that we can provide as accurate a Personal Journey Plan as possible please provide us with details about your journey, including as a minimum:

  • Your home postcode
  • Your journey destination (e.g. your work postcode)
  • The times that you would like to travel
  • Whether there are any particular journey modes you would not be prepared to use.

I never realised just how much I could save by swapping my regular commute to the bus, and the journey wasn’t taking me any longer than it had done by car.

Phil Brooks, Resident
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