Friarwood Park Persimmon

Walking is a fantastic way to get – and stay – healthy.

One of the reasons health experts give walking rave reviews is because it’s a ‘lifestyle exercise’. That means you can usually make time for it without too much of a change to your daily routine. Walking to work, to the shops, or the final mile from the bus stop may take a little more time, but it’s certainly not the big project that signing up for a gym (and the time or cost to get there) can be.

From your new home at Friarwood Park you can walk into Pontefract Town Centre in around 10 minutes where you will find a wide range of useful amenities such as doctors, dentists, banks, fast food retailers and a range of supermarkets including Asda, Morrison’s, Farmfoods, Iceland Foods and Marks and Spencer. The nearest schools – Saint Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and The Kings School – can be reached on foot in around 15 minutes, or you can walk to Halfpenny Lane Junior and Infant School and Larks Hill Junior and Infant School in around 20 minutes.

If sports and fitness is your thing, Pontefract Squash and leisure Club may be of interest! Here you will find badminton, table tennis and squash facilities as well a fitness suit, fitness classes and the Leydon Smith School of Dance. What’s more Pontefract Squash and Leisure Cub is just over 10 minutes away on foot. Alternatively, if you would like to explore some of Pontefract’s captivating history you can walk to Pontefract Castle in just 10 minutes.

Plan your journey on foot

Get a route map between any two points, including your journey time, calorie burn, step count and carbon saving. It’s quick, free, healthy and green.

Useful Walking Links:

  • Local Walking Routes, Groups and Events allows you to search for local walking routes, events and groups in the local area.
  • Pontefract Walking Club

    For just £10 per year you can join Pontefract Walking club which offers a choice of guided walks every month. These walks cater for all levels of ability and you can choose from short, medium or long distance walks. For more information on the club and how to join click here
  • Walking in the Wakefield District

    Wakefield City Council's website has lots of information on local walking routes. It also provides some handy guides that you can download from the website. To access this information, click here
  • Living Streets

    Living Streets is a national charity that supports pedestrians. Its website provides details of walking campaigns, including Walk to Work Week, and has lots of useful information on why it’s great to walk!
  • Walking for Health

    Walking for Health offers over 3,000 free, short walks every week. Find your nearest health walk scheme here
  • Walk4Life

    Want to know where to walk or know how long a walk you do regularly is? Do you want to find someone to walk with? Click here for lots of useful walking tips to track your walks and even monitor your fitness levels.